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On Your Mark, Get Set READ

BMPL Summer Programs 2016: Teen Programs

TEEN SUMMER READING GAME (7th - 12th graders)
June 22 - August 18 -- Win prizes for reading, reviewing books and movies, and even just checking materials out of the library!

Earn points by checking out materials from the library, reading books, reviewing books, volunteering, and more! As you accrue points you qualify to win free books and free ice cream. Also, the more points you accrue the more raffle tickets you will get; and one lucky winner of the raffle will win a Kindle Fire

Sign up for summer reading at the library or online at: ONLINE READING GAME, or be automically signed up for the summer reading game when you check something out of the library during this period.

Please note that you may not accure more than 10 points for volunteering per week. Also, although you do accrue points for checking out items, it is per check out not per item. Also, no more than 5 points for checking out per week.

Contact Amy for more information about the Summer Reading Game. You can reach Amy:
by email at
by text at 914-487-3123
by fb at
by phone at 914-941-7072
or visit in person at the library!

ANYTIME ACTIVITIES (7th - 12th graders)
June 22 - August 18 -- Look for a new activity every week in the Teen Room that you can do alone or with friends anytime that the library is open. Various challenges, crafts and more. If you participate in an “anytime activity” you can earn points for your summer reading game scorecard, too!

MAKE IT MENTORS (13 year olds and up)
Mondays at 4:00 - 5:00 pm (June 27 - August 15) -- Register to be an official helper while children create something different each week. Contact Amy Kapan at 941-7072 or

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES (7th - 12th graders)
June 22 - August 18 -- Stop by to see Amy Kaplan or Ricki Goe anytime the library is open to be assigned a task that can really help the library out! This is another way to earn points for your summer reaidng game scorecard. Please note you may not accrue more than 10 point a week for volunteering...but you may volunteer as often as you wish! We are very grateful for all of your help.

Please note that this event and this group is for anyone in 4th grade or older and we encourage young teens to join us, details:

Chocolate Olympics

Word Games Group